The ice-sports hall has a full-size ice rink (30m x 60m) with stands. A full-year ice rink with stands for over two and a half thousand spectators. There are many skating events and competitions on the ice rink, and regular public slides are also organized here.

MOSiR in Krynica Zdrój runs the training of youth teams, and helps KS KTH in the organization of hockey matches. In addition, it organizes slides generally available from July of the given year to April next year, closed sport and recreational events for institutions and workplaces, supports sports camps for children and youth in the summer season and during the winter holidays. It also organizes open sports events for children and youth in the summer period / football tournaments, tennis tournaments, cycling races /, and cooperates with clubs and units of the Local Government operating in Krynica Zdrój, organizing sporting and recreational events. MOSiR also runs business activity. There is a skate rental open in the ice hall. Tennis courts that are open daily from 8.00 to 21.00, from May to October are in front of the ice hall, at  Park Sportowy street.

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