About Miodowy Zakątek

Miodowy Zakątek Holiday House is located in Kamianna, a town near Krynica.

Kamianna is the world center of apitherapy. In the center of village is a wooden church – the former Orthodox church. Saints Cosmas and Damian in 1892, and the Museum of Apiculture. The village of leading walking and cycling. Miodowy Zakątek Suite is located 400 meters from the ski lift Kamianna. There is a living room with a seating area and ski storage.

Our apartment offers a suite decorated in warm colors interior, decorated with tiled panels. There is a kitchenette with microwave, dishwasher and dining area. The apartment has 2 bathrooms. The hotel has free parking and is located 15 km from the ski lifts and Jaworzyna Krynicka Słotwiny.

Miodowy Zakątek is a great place for family recreation, both in summer and winter. The windows overlook the forested hills Beskid.

Stay in the corner of honey will give you an unforgettable experience.

We cordially invite you to!

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